The Wave News and Other

Hello, my dear Squadians. I'm almost done with the sequel to The Wave of Silence, and two-thirds done with The Wave of Silence Trilogy. I can't even describe the excitement of pushing out my second baby! In other news, I've recently started writing a series of novellas I've had in my mind for a long time.  Cormack Displacement will be a series of novellas following one very special girl. For years everyone around her thought her insane. She thought herself insane. After many therapies and years spent in numbness caused by prescription drugs, Charlene Cormack gives up on listening to her doctors and escapes into the underground of a big European city. Almost a decade later, she's living off of her abilities that she's harnessed. Okay, living off of them would be a slight overstatement, since she's behind on her apartment loan and didn't pay the electricity bill for two subsequent months. When a strange blonde turns up on her door one night, her luck might just go up and the offered gig might just enable her to finally afford a better meal than a can of sweet corn. Now, if she'd only figure out how to survive the gig, that would be great.

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